Numerology Number Six Meaning

Were you born on the 6th, 15th or 24th of any month? Here's how the numerology number six affects you!

Numerology Number Six Meanings.

Here are some of the characteristics if your Day Force number is 6.

You like to be part of a group in all areas of your life, and you're certainly not likely to be someone that others call 'a loner!'

Famous Day Force 6 People;

Ethan Hawke (6th), Sally Field (6th), Eva Longoria (15th), (15th), Priscilla Presley (24th), Bob Dylan (24th)

numerology number six

You feel a great sense of service to others and you are helpful to others.

Food holds great attraction to you and you could excel as a cook or a chef.

You appreciate beautiful surroundings and you'll be adept at creating beauty in your home.

Another quality you have is the ability, strength and concentration to see a job or task through to it's end.

You are a very fair and just person and are good at seeing that everyone's point of view is heard.

Love is incredibly important to you and you love romantic gestures. However you should watch the tendency to put your loved one on a pedestal - you may find later that you set yourself up for hurt by doing this.

Also, be aware that if you mother your partner too much it could spoil your relationship.

The traits above are affected in varying degrees depending which birthdate you have so here are some extra points about each numerology number six birthday.

Born on the 6th? A particularly strong love of nature, your family and home are yours. You need your friends and family's approval and acceptance. A birthday on the 6th indicates natural cooking ability plus musical talent too. You need to watch that strong stubborn streak!

Is yours a 15th birthdate? Your friends and colleagues will be able to honestly describe you as a good, loyal, true friend or co-worker. Parenting and eaching are both areas you could excel in.

Born on the 24th? Good fortune with money is indicated, as long as you are prepared to take positive steps to achieve financial rewards. It's no good just dreaming about them!

Do you find you notice people's faults and flaws more than their good points? Well, with practice you can turn this trait that 24 birthdays have, into something more positive. We all have faults - why not choose to find the good?

That stubborn streak of yours could benefit from allowing yourself to relax and go with the flow!

These are just some of the traits associated with the numerology number six. If you'd like to find out more about your day force number, and all your important numerology numbers, you may find a full numerology report of interest.

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