Numerology Number 3 Meanings

Were you born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th? Here's how the numerology number 3 affects you!

Numerology Number 3 Meaning.

If you are a Day Force 3, you have a deep need to express yourself, and this can be with your body, your hands or your voice! Interestingly many actors have their birthdays on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th, making them a day force 3.

Famous Day Force 3 People;

Mel Gibson (3rd), Florence Nightingale (12th), Emilio Estevez (12th), Stephen King (21st), Cat Stevens (21st), Gene Hackman (30th), Franklin D Roosevelt (30th)

numerology number 3

You are bubbly and outgoing and you love to chat. People who know you may tell you that you talk really fast, although to you it may seem perfectly normal!

You can be a bit of a joker and have a wonderful sense of humor - just watch that you don't use your humor in a cruel way.

You make an excellent host at any type of social gathering, in any situation.

You're the kind of person who doesn't tend to sit on the sidelines, or spend much time hesitating and weighing things up - you don't hold anything back when you leap in to things!

Another quality associated with the numerology number 3 is being multi-dexterous. It comes very naturally to you to do several things at the same time. One thing to watch is that you don't try to do TOO much else you may not actually finish anything properly - try to focus on one thing at a time for best results.

You are a positive person and you don't tend to worry about things for long. You're flexible and are happy to 'go with the flow'.

Regarding money and finances you tend to be quite lucky in this area throughout your life.

The qualities above will be affected by which date your birthday is so here are some extra traits about the specific '3' birth dates.

Born on the 3rd? Writing ability is very strong with this birhdate. You could consider a career in tv/theatre, film, or look into lecturing or doing PR.

If your birthday falls on the 12th, you tend to be nervous and impatient. You'd do well in the field of the visual arts including film.

A 21st birth date has music and also dance emphasized. Also, your emotions can be rather like a rollercoaster. In a career or job situation, you'll do best when you work alongside others as the interaction and brainstorming you can do with them will bring out the best in you.

Born on the 30th? It's important that your career doesn't restrict you. You may have an interest in the occult side of life. You can have a stubborn streak, so you may want to try to be more flexible for best results!

The traits above are just a portion of the qualities associated with a 3 day force. You may want to consider having a full numerology report if you want more detail, and this will tell you about ALL your important numerology numbers.

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