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What are YOUR numerology name characteristics?

You will find out everything about name numerology here!

I find numerology a really fascinating subject. I love studying and using it.

It is a tool that can help you understand yourself better at a very deep level.

The numerology system reveals the hidden meanings of your names. This is SO useful as we are brought up to believe that our names just have 'single word' meanings like 'hope' and 'joy'.

Numerology reveals your personality traits, shows your inner feelings and your life's purpose and can also give you the keys to your own personal success.

What does your name reveal about you? Find out: Name Analysis In Numerology

Let's look at everything you will discover here:

  • Your numerology name meaning
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  • Free numerology predictions Your name meanings emailed straight to you.

  • How to calculate all the important numbers
  • How to work out your lucky numbers (free calculator!)
  • How to receive/work out your own numerology chart
  • Numerology number meanings
  • Biblical numerology
  • If you’d like to be able to do your own numerology readings, here are 2 options for you: Numerology Software Study Numerology

    I will also delve deeply into name compatibility to help your relationships! Are you with YOUR soul mate?

    "The invisible thing called a good name is made up of the
    breath of numbers that speak well of you".

    Where does Numerology come from?

    The ancient Chaldeans (we are talking in the region of the years 626 - 539BC), Egyptians, Essenes, Hindus, the sages of ancient China and the wise ones in the Arabic world were all masters in the hidden meanings of numbers.

    So, although the exact origin of numerology is uncertain, it was certainly used from ancient times.

    It is not some ‘new age’ fad!

    Pythagoras also used numerology and some people use his system, some use the Chaldean system. Each use a different alphabet so I show you both in my Numerology Chart section where I demonstrate how to work out the meaning of your name.

    You see, every letter of the alphabet has a different numerical value.

    You can look up the numerical value of each letter in your name using the numerology alphabets to work out the meanings in your name.

    Your date of birth also affects you according to numerology and you can find out even more about yourself by looking at the numbers in your date of birth.

    Double digit numbers (eg 14, 25) are called compound numbers in name numerology while single digit numbers are called just that - Single numbers.

    name numerology

    The power of numbers & single and compound numbers

    Compound numbers are more spiritual in their meaning while single numbers are more concerned with the physical and material sides.

    Compound numbers are to do with a person’s karma or destiny while the single numbers are connected with personality and individuality.

    Numbers have such a strong presence in our lives when you think about it:

  • We couldn't record our dates of birth without numbers
  • We couldn't keep track of TIME without numbers
  • We wouldn't have calenders without numbers, or months, or years!
  • We wouldn't be able to phone someone without numbers
  • The lottery wouldn't exist without numbers
  • Bank accounts and the whole monetary system wouldn't exist without numbers
  • I'm sure you can think of lots more areas that wouldn't work without numbers!

    Numbers are energy or vibration at their most basic level.

    Our names are therefore made up of different combinations of this energy.

    That's why we feel different when we change our name. It's also why we can get the best out of every aspect of our lives when we fully understand what our names mean.

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