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Name meanings – we’ve all got them but how many of us know what ours really are? How do you find out the meaning of your name and what use is it to you once you have it? You're about to find out!

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Discovering your in depth name meaning is the start of a fascinating journey into truly understanding yourself, and others at a deep level.

Your first name, your middle names and your last name all have a meaning and they affect your personality traits, your path in life, your relationships, the events in your life and more.

That might sound far fetched, and it’s ok to be skeptical! The proof is in finding out YOUR name meanings (or your partner’s or child’s) and seeing if it resonates with you. I am confident it will because numerology used for analyzing names has been used for many, many years and has stood the test of time.

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For how to discover YOUR true name meanings: The meaning of your name

Have you always liked your name or do you secretly wish your parents had named you differently? Do you feel good when you tell people your name or does it make you feel inadequate or just a bit flat? Or some other emotion altogether?

You see, even the sound of a name has an effect and an association for us. Does your name sound weak or strong or somewhere in between? Is it unusual or common? Are you proud of it or a bit embarrassed?

Does the name flow (like Leonardo DiCaprio or Sophia Loren) or is it stilted? Are the letters in the name soft or harsh?

It’s not just your name that affects your feelings, it’s also other people’s names. When you meet someone the first thing you normally learn about them is their name. You’ll probably react on some level – maybe their first name is one of your favorite names, or it’s the same as your Mum or sister’s name/Father or brother or ex…

Maybe it’s a really memorable name or instantly forgettable. You may think to yourself ‘that’s a horrible name’ and by association you may not like the person. Or you may think ‘what a wonderful name’ and start to like the person immediately because of that.

The real meaning of your name?

What does my name mean?

So, our first reaction is to the sound of a name. But there’s a lot more to names than just how they sound, important though that is.

The entire name (first name, middle names and last name) has an energy and deep meaning which comes from the fact that every letter of the alphabet has a numerical value.

Here’s an example: The letter P has a numerical value of 7. The letter A has the value of 1. M = 4. E=5. L=3.

So, the name Pamela totals the number 21, which we derive from adding up each number that apples to each letter of the name: 7+1+4+5+3+1

We then need to reduce this 21 to a single number: 2+1=3. We will do these calculations for Pamela’s middle names and last name too.

We will add each of the final single numbers from each of those names together to arrive at a totally final single number which is Pamela’s Life Expression Number or Destiny number.

We can then read about what this number means and how this number affects Pamela’s life purpose and what she should ideally be doing with her life. How can we read about it? Either by using a numerology book or by ordering a free name meanings numerology report.

There are many more areas we can look at using Name Numerology – for instance how to discover the personality traits of a name - and you can see all the numerology calculations here: How to calculate your numerology numbers: Numerology calculation. Or if you’d like them all done for you, together with the interpretation order a free sample reading about your name as mentioned above.

Where does this numbers system come from? The ancient system of Numerology. I don’t believe it would still be used today if it didn’t work! It is thought that students in Atlantis were taught the mysteries of numbers.

One of the earliest numerologists was Pythagoras who lived around 500BC.

Understanding the real meaning of your name is like being handed a map to your life. It can guide you in the ideal direction for you to achieve the best in your life, to make the most of your natural talents, and to have more harmonious relationships, by understanding yourself and others better. It’s an invaluable tool that you can refer to for the rest of your life.

Change your name and change your life?

We have all seen the effect that changing a name can have. The celebrity world is packed with people who had more success after a positive name change than they did with their original name. Lady Gaga is one! Here’s a whole list of famous names together with their original names: Celebrity name changes

Names and Compatibility - Your name meanings reveal how compatible you both are...

Name meanings can also reveal how compatible you and your partner are. By looking at each person’s numbers from their name and date of birth we can not only see their compatibility but also the events that are coming up for them. You can find out more about this fascinating aspect of name meanings here: Name compatibility

If you’d like to find out more about YOUR name meaning, or baby name meanings, or your partner’s name meaning or even a business name, simply visit my ‘Readings’ page: Name analysis

There you will be able to choose from: A free sample name numerology reading; Name advice which analyzes up to 8 names for you and tells you which is the most positive; A name compatibility reading so you can see if you and your loved one are truly suited.

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What does my name mean

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