Name Compatibility - The Best Kind Of Love Compatibility Test!

Name compatibility, also known as numerology compatibility, is a fascinating aspect of numerology because it reveals everything about your RELATIONSHIPS.

love compatibility test

It is the best kind of love compatibility test because it goes into such great detail about all aspects of your relationship.

If you just want to have some fun with a love compatibility test, there are lots of free, fun quizzes and software available all over the internet.

Personally, I would only use those for fun, I wouldn't make any decisions about my relationship based on them!

However, there is one love compatibility test I can recommend, just click on the banner below to find out more:

name compatibility

Your Name Compatibility Report

Isn't it extraordinary that by using an ancient system, you can see whether the person you are in a relationship with is a good love match for you in this modern age?

And all based on the deep meanings held within your full names and dates of birth!

You can discover using name compatibility exactly how compatible you and another person are in all areas of your lives, your strengths and weaknesses and much, much more, which will help your journey together.

The great thing is, it is all based on fact, unlike a psychic reading which all depends on the ability of the person doing the reading.

I will show you further down this page how to work out your and your partners' (or friends') name compatibility numbers,

Your Professional 60 page name compatibility reading

name compatibility report

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Jill G. Hampshire September 2011.

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If you prefer to work out your own numbers please keep reading!

Imagine you are going on a blind date...

love compatibility

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Before I show you how to do the calculations for name compatibility, let’s take a look at how names affect our relationships.

I want to get you thinking about how the sound of a potential partner’s name affects you first of all.

So, imagine your friend is setting you up on a blind date. I’ll start with the idea that you are female and your friend is setting you up with her guy friend, and then we’ll look at the opposite scenario, where you are a guy being set up with a girl.

So, I have this great single friend who is just your type. Want me to set you up on a blind date with him?”

You: “What’s his name and what is he like?”

Your friend: “His name is Cecil Smallbottom and he’s a really nice guy”.

Now, what is your honest reaction when you hear his name? What picture forms in your mind of what this guy is like? What if you fall for this guy and get engaged, will you want to take on his surname when you marry? (There’s no right or wrong answer here, I just want to get you thinking about how the sound of a name affects you!)

Imagine now a different friend is telling you about a single guy she wants to fix you up with.

“His name is Greg Deane.” What is your immediate reaction to that name? What picture do you get in your mind of what this guy is like?

Ok, so now you are a guy being fixed up on a date with a girl. Your friend tells you: “She is so great, her name is Wilma Ertwhistle.” How are you feeling about this girl? What mental picture are you getting?

Another friend (all these helpful friends you have!) wants to set you up with Gabrielle Loren. How do you like the sound of her, based purely on her name?

The thing is, some names have a flow to them. Some have a harshness to them.

Some names sound strong. Some sound rather weak.

Not only will you have a reaction to that person’s name, THEY will too. If they have never liked their name, or if they think they have a ‘pathetic’ name, perhaps that will have affected how they feel about themselves, because we associate ourselves very closely with our names.

Conversely, if someone thinks their name is great, they love it, it sounds strong and successful, maybe it even sounds like a film stars name, then perhaps that will help create a confident person who likes themselves?

There’s a well known saying that you cannot truly love someone until you first love yourself.

Is your name holding you back in any way in your love life, or is it helping you?

The main impact of names in relationships however is in the deep MEANING of the names. You can discover exactly how compatible you are with another person simply based on your full name meanings.

How Name Compatibility Works

Here's how name compatibility works:

You need to look at your and your partner's HEARTS DESIRE NUMBER, DESTINY NUMBER AND LIFE PATH NUMBER.

(Don't worry, I'll show you how to calculate all those in a minute!)

If you find you both have many numbers in common then it's likely this is a true love match, although it is unusual to have them all the same.

If one or two numbers are the same then your relationship is likely to be about love growing and being earned through shared experiences.

If you have no numbers in common using name compatibility calculations then this isn't a promising foundation for a long-term relationship.

But don't walk away if there's love there - not all relationships need to last forever!

Numerology love calculator

numerology love calculator

Here's how to work out all the key numerology love compatibility numbers I mentioned above:


The hearts desire number represents your innermost desires and longings. It reveals what someone is really like.

To work this number out simply add together the numerical value of the VOWELS in your name:



A=1 E=5 I=9 O=6 U=3

In the name John we have the O so that's the number 6.

In the name Simon we have the I and the O so that's 9+6=15 which we need to reduce down to 5+1=6

In the name Davy there's just the A, which is 1.

Adding up these 3 numbers: 6 + 6 + 1 = 13.

We now reduce this number down: 1+3 = 4.

So, 4 is the Hearts Desire number for this person.

DESTINY NUMBER. (also called the Life Expression number)

Here's how to work out this part of your name compatibility.


J=1....K=2.... L=3....M=4....N=5....O=6....P=7....Q=8....R=9


If we use the same name as an example:

John Simon Davy. John has the numbers 1+6+8+5= 20 which reduces to a 2.

Simon has the numbers 1+9+4+6+5=25 which reduces to a 7.

Davy has the numbers 4+1+4+7=16 which reduces to a 7 too.

So, we add these together: 2+7+7=16 which reduces to 7.

So, his Destiny number is a 7.

Now for the BIRTH NUMBER part of the name compatibility.

Simply write the birthday like this: June 15th 1965.

June is the 6th month so that = 6.

Add the 1+5 of the day of birth = 6.

Then add the 1+9+6+5 of the year of birth = 21.

This reduces to a 3 (2+1).

so, this person's Birth Number is a 3.

To understand the meaning of all your numbers you can either look them up in a good numerology book - I recommend some here: name books - or check out the links below.

Or you can order your personal love compatibility report as mentioned near the start of this page.

I hope you've found this information about name compatibility interesting, and that name compatibility helps YOUR love life.

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More information about numerology compatibility and your love life

Name numerology compatibility

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