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Here's how to receive your free name numerology report by email in minutes!

Numerology is an incredibly accurate way to uncover not only what our name reveals about us in terms of our personality, but also what is coming up in our future at specific times.

It is not a psychic prediction, it is all worked out very logically based on the numbers that each letter in your full name and date of birth translates to.

So, how do you find the best numerologist?

Well, I have tried a number of free offers and most were extremely brief. I'm talking just a couple of paragraphs!

I also tried Master Numerologist Blair Gorman's free numerology predictions service.

He has done numerology readings for celebrities and has made accurate numerology predictions that have been publicized (for instance who would win the last Presidential Election).

I was very impressed with the accuracy of the reading he did for me, and surprised at how much information I received for free.

He went into detail about my Life Path Number and what it revealed about me, my Expression number (my potential, my talents and abilities) and my Heart's Desire number (what I want to be, have and do in my life).

Any free numerology reports are going to be very limited compared to the full report though.

I mean, no-one is going to just give away ALL their work and their time if they are really good, why would they?

But, if you just want to 'dip your toe in the water' and see what a free report can tell you, here's the free numerology predictions service that I was impressed by:

Master Numerologist: Your Personal Numerology Report - free sample

free numerology predictions

The other reason I was impressed by his free numerology predictions offer as opposed to others was that not only is he a very experienced Master Numerologist but he also gives you (free) a 21-part numerology course, which is brilliant, all about how numerology can (in his words) "uncover the mysteries of your soul, your personality and your future".

It's all sent to your email over a period of weeks so you don't get too much information all in one go.

If you want a free numerology reading I recommend you start with him and then do further searches if you aren't as impressed as I was! But I'm sure you will be!

Some free numerology reports are misleading and really a waste of time, and VERY short! So if it seems unprofessional - it probably is!

You can also order a full name numerology report from Blair at any time if you want to, and this is a paid service.

That can also be accessed by the free numerology predictions link below.

He does around 900 numerology calculations for you which reveal everything there is to know about you based on Numerology!

The future forecasts are amazing.

Click here for your FREE Numerology Online Reading

Do check out the other name readings available on this website:

You can have a Name Compatibility Reading which will reveal whether you are with 'The One'.

You can also have up to 8 name analyzed via a Name Advice Report (this could be baby names, business names or your own names) to see which is the most positive, what the name means and how it affects you.

Astrology chart readings are also available to help you.

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Why do so many people want their name analyzed using name numerology?

As you will learn throughout this website, your name contains a blueprint for your whole life.

It reveals all about your personality, in depth. It tells you about the kind of career you are best suited to. It tells you about your love life. Plus it reveals why you are here - what your main purpose is for this life.

It also tells you what is coming up in the future - invaluable!

Now, going back to each of these points, how useful would it be to learn about your personality and why you are as you are?

A deeper understanding of yourself is so beneficial. We think we know ourselves, but often, we can be so busy just living that we don't have time to really KNOW ourselves.

Regarding our careers, how many people waste their whole life in a job they aren't fulfilled in?

Imagine knowing what career you are ideally suited for! You could spend your life doing the work you were made for!

We spend so much time in our jobs and businesses that for me, it makes sense to do something we love. Trust me, the money follows when we follow our passions!

Now, how about your love life? How is that going for you? Your name numerology reading will help you get the best out of your relationships. I don't know about you, but I don't want to spend my life being miserable with the wrong person!

And then, imagine how empowering it would be to know your main purpose for being here in this lifetime. You could make sure you are on the right path to fulfill your destiny!

Finally, if you know what is coming up in your future, you can plan accordingly. Forewarned is forearmed!

And those are the main reasons people want to know the true meaning of their name using numerology!

Free numerology predictions will give you a shortened version of the full numerology report you can receive. Here's the link again: Order your free numerology report

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