Choosing Baby Names.

Choosing Baby Names.

I’m going to show you here why the traditional methods of picking a baby name are not the best way (to say the least) if you want a positive name that will benefit your baby.

I will then show you,importantly, how to choose the best name for your baby that will benefit them throughout their entire life...

Most people are choosing baby names in one of these ways:

  • They look through baby name books and choose a name with a meaning they like.
  • They name their baby after a relative.
  • They name their baby after a celebrity or other famous person.

  • Here's the problem with all of those methods:

    None of them tell you, the parent, how the name will affect the personality traits, health, career and life-path of your child.

    The problem with the meanings in baby name books is that they are extremely brief.

    I think the books are ideal for giving you inspiration and a wide choice of names, but don't make your choice based on the meanings they give. I'll share with you how to find out the in-depth meanings of names soon.

    The drawback of naming your baby after a relative is that most people don't think about whether that relative was a good person with a healthy, happy life. They feel a sense of obligation or sentimentality when they decide to name their little one after Great Grandad John or Aunty Paula. Do you even know whether your Great Grandad had a happy life?

    Isn't it more important that your baby girl or boy has a name that will benefit them in their life?

    The same goes for the idea of naming a child after a favorite celebrity! Let's face it, how many of us really want our offspring to follow in the footsteps of the famous? How many of them are actually happy and fulfilled? Fame can be a very hollow experience.

    choosing baby names

    Discover the true meaning of any baby name

    Why not try choosing baby names based on whether it FEELS and SOUNDS good to you (gut instinct can be a very useful tool!)

    Then, to be certain about how the name affects your child on a deep level, you can read your baby's FULL name meaning using name numerology and name psychology with a Name Advice report.

    Free sample - baby name meaning report

    This will compare up to 8 full names (ie the first name, a middle name and last name as ALL our names effect us) and tell you what each name will do for your child, which is the most beneficial for them and why.

    That way, you are combining intuition with logic which is a powerful combination when choosing baby names or in fact any name!

    I also highly recommend the books below which will help you choose the perfect name for your baby using name numerology.

    If you simply click on the books it will take you through to a page on Amazon where you can find out more about the books and read customer reviews.

    You can also then use the link below when you have chosen the name, to receive a free name numerology reading about the name, or why not consider an in depth report about the meaning of up to 8 full baby names?

    I hope all this information will enable you to give your baby the best start in life - with the RIGHT name!

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