Celebrity Name Changes

Check out these Celebrities who changed their name!

Celebrity name changes are incredibly popular and looking at these 'before and after' names I can see why!

What man would even admit to being called Marion, let alone try and become a famous Cowboy! John Wayne sounds so much better...

You will discover throughout this site that our names impact on us and others in many different ways - so the celebrities below who changed their names also changed their destiny!

I wonder where they would be now if they had kept their original names?

Discover what Brad Pitt's current name and original birth name reveal about him - and the career he would probably have had if he hadn't changed his name!

celebrity name changes

Here are the celeb name changes, with the new name on the left.

Charlie Sheen - Carlos Irwin Estevez
Charlie's name has such a great ring to it, I just can't imagine him with his former name!

Barry Mannilow - Barry Alan Pincus
Hmm, been to see Barry Pincus in concert? That sounds SO wrong!

Billie Holiday - Eleanora Fagan
The new name has a lovely flowing sound to it, much like her music.

Billy Idol – William Michael Albert Broad
No way would William Broad have had the cult following of Billy Idol, surely?

Piers Morgan - Piers Stefan O'Meara
Ah, Piers, didn't realize you had lovely Irish roots!

Billy Ocean – Leslie Charles

Bob Dylan – Robert Zimmerman

Bob Hope – Leslie Townes Hope

Danny La Rue - Daniel Patrick Carroll

Martin Sheen - Ramon Gerardo Antonio Estevez
What is it with celebrity name changes in the Sheen family?

Meg Ryan – Margaret Mary Emily Ann Hyra
Wow, thank goodness Margaret changed her name!

Cary Grant – Archibald Alexander Leach

Michael Crawford - Michael Patrick Dumbell-Smith
Well, no-one wants dumb in their name - do they?

Levi Roots - Keith Graham

Stephanie Powers - Stefania Zofya Federkiewicz
Excuse me? Star of Hart-To-Hart cannot have an un-pronounceable name!

Lauren Bacall – Betty Joan Perske
Another example of a name sounding better than the original.

More celebrity name changes:

Charlton Heston – John Charles Carter

Donna Summer – Ladonna Andrea Gaines
Don't mind either name actually, how about you?

Dean Martin – Dino Crocetti

Demi Moore – Demetria Guynes
No question, new name way better!

Elton John – Reginald Kenneth Dwight
Big ditto!

Englebert Humperdink – Jerry Dorsey
And another!

Cher – Cherilyn Sarkisian
Oh, I can't keep saying 'ditto'

George Michael – Georgios Panayiotou

Greta Garbo – Greta Lovisa Gustafsson

John Wayne – Marion Michael Morrison
A cowboy names Marrion would have been ridiculous...

Judy Garland – Francis Gumm
No, we could not have the star of Wizard of Oz being called that!

Marilyn Monroe – Norma Jean Mortenson (then Baker) Again, the new name just sounds good and flows...

Ringo Starr – Richard Starkey

Rock Hudson – Roy Harold Scherer Jr
Who can imagine gorgeous Rock being called Roy?

Tony Curtis – Bernard Schwartz
Old name SO wrong!

Sting – Gordon Sumner

Woody Allen – Allen Stewart Konigsberg
Well, I'm relieved I can at least pronounce the new name.

Michael Caine – Maurice Micklewhite

Brad Pitt - William Bradley Pitt

Jack Palance – Volodymyr Palahniuk in Ukraine
100% improvement!

Elton John recently told Piers Morgan in an interview that he deliberately changed his name because he couldn't imagine success as a singer with his original name!

Nor can I! Good move Elton!

And Michael Crawford chose his new surname after a Crawfords biscuit van drove past him in the street!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about celebrity name changes.

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