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Discovering the true meaning of names is like uncovering the roadmap to your life!

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Have you have ever wondered "what is the meaning of my name?" Well, you are in the right place to find out the TRUE meaning of your name, or in fact ANY name. IN DEPTH!

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I will be telling you about every possible aspect of names and their meanings, from the mundane right through to the mystical!

Have you ever wondered what YOUR name really means?

I mean beyond the simple meanings you find in name books?

My Name Readings reveal everything about your names.

Do you know how your name is affecting:

  • Your personality
  • Your path in life
  • Your relationships
  • What happens in your life?

  • What Does My Name Reveal About Me?

    Do you know what your name reveals about you on a deep level and how it can help you get the best out of your life?

    This may all sound a bit far fetched right now, but I hope you will soon see from this site how accurate and incredibly useful name meanings can be!

    What if... you could understand your partner or child better from reading their in depth name meanings?

    How much could that empower your relationships?

    Welcome to the start of a fascinating journey into the heart of NAMES!


    Here are just some of the things you will discover on True Meaning Of Names:

    Name Readings of all kinds (Your own name, your partners name, any baby name) to show you what they REALLY mean

    In depth Name meanings that reveal everything about you or a loved one, including your personality traits

    The ancient system of Name numerology including Free numerology predictions

    Name Advice to ensure you pick the best name and to analyze what each name means

    Name Compatibility readings & information to help your love life

    Baby names, baby name books and how to choose a positive baby name

    Pet names for your kitten or puppy

    Famous names and celebrity name meanings

    The history of names and creating a family tree

    Name books, name jewelry and name pictures

    And that's just a few of the things you will discover about names!

    My Youtube channel contains all my videos about names and numerology; Click here to watch them!

    the meaning of names

    How Can Name Numerology Tell You About The Meaning Of Names?

    I will also delve deeply into the fascinating systems of name numerology and lexigrams and name anagrams.

    Did you know that numerology can tell you not only about yourself or a loved one on a very deep level, all from your full birth name and date of birth - but it can even tell you how your home affects you based on your house number!

    This is another fascinating area of the meaning of names.

    I will show you how to work out all your important numbers from your name, so that you can understand your life path, whether you and your partner are compatible, and more, all from the meaning of names!

    To see all the Name Readings available to help you on this site (including Name Numerology and Love Compatibility) simply click on the 'name Readings' button near the top of the Nav Bar on the left!

    These in depth readings save you having to do any calculations or interpretations of your name numbers. They do it ALL for you, revealing everything there is to know in your name.

    Baby Names And How To Choose A Positive Baby Name

    I find it interesting that parents often go to so much trouble when thinking of a name for their baby.

    baby name meaning

    It's as though on a subconscious level we sense the influence a name can have.

    I will show you how to ensure you give your little one a name that will be as positive as possible for him or her.

    I'll also show you the most popular baby names & biblical baby names!

    Ever Thought About Changing Your Name?

    Do you like your own name?
    Do you feel it enhances you, or does it hinder you and hold you back? Why do ladies change their personality when they take on their husbands' surname after marriage? Which famous people have changed their name? (You may be surprised!) More details about all this later!

    Are you ready to discover YOUR name meanings? Let's begin!

    "The name we give to something
    shapes our attitude towards it".

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    I hope you enjoy reading all about the meaning of names as much as I enjoy writing about them!

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    Have up to 8 names analyzed. This takes the guesswork out of choosing a name and ensures the RIGHT name that will bring the most benefits to the bearer.

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    Is he/she 'The One'?

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    A special 60+ page analysis of your relationship, based on your and your partner's names!

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